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Water is one of the most crucial components in commercial kitchens and the restaurant industry. We use it to cook with, to drink, to make ice, and to clean with. While the water that comes directly from the tap has been made safe to drink, it is not ideal for many of the applications required in a commercial kitchen. A well maintained water filtration system can fix all that. Water filters remove debris and chemicals that affect the taste and clarity of the water. In addition the water in North Florida and the surrounding areas is “hard”. The minerals in hard water build up in equipment over time. This can cause problems ranging from inefficient heating to outright breakdown of critical pieces of equipment. Water softeners can remove minerals that cause scale build up in equipment allowing it to function properly and preventing costly repairs.

FAS can install filtration systems specifically designed for commercial kitchens. We can also provide filters and replace them for you on a regular basis. If you are interested in pricing on water filters or a scheduled maintenance program that includes replacing filters just let us know. In addition to filters, FAS can repair or maintain any of your equipment - from HVAC/R, cooking equipment, even custom gaskets that are very affordable - we fix it all. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your kitchen running smoothly.