Total Restaurant Facilities Maintenance

Tallahasse HVAC and Service Jobs  

More than just HVAC and Cooking Equipment

We have teamed up with some of Tallahassee's finest tradesmen in order to provide you with better solutions to your repair needs. We are now offering "General Facility Services" to all of our clients in the greater Tallahassee area. These new services include the following, but are not limited to:

Signs and Major Lighting Projects

Tile Work
Gasket Replacement at Lower Pricing!
Structural Repairs (ceiling, walls, doors, etc)
Minor Plumbing & Painting
Electrical Repair
Light Fixtures & Fans
Metal Fabrication & On-Site Welding
Parking Lot & External Maintenance
Decor Installation
Duct Work

If you are a skilled and licensed tradesman or contractor who wants to team up with a growing energetic facilities maintenace team then give us a call as well. We would love to meet with you and discuss how we can work together.

If you have a specific request, or questions, just contact Chris or Jesse at 850-576-3582

We look forward to hearing from you!