Fall 2011 Update from FAS Parts and Services

Are You Ready for Some Football?

When I stepped out of my house to go to work this past Tuesday, I felt a very slight chill in the air for the first time in a very long time. The subtle change in the climate triggered a rush of excitement and my mind was instantly transported to a wonderful place that can best be described in a single word… TAILGATE. That’s right. Football season is upon us once again and oh what a season it is shaping up to be. Anticipation and expectations are higher than they have been in many years for the FSU Seminoles, and all the buzz means we can expect even more hungry and thirsty fans making the pilgrimage to Doak Campbell stadium on game day. Will the Tallahassee foodservice and hospitality industry rise to the challenge? Yes we will, but only with perseverance and the proper equipment operating at optimal performance levels, and that is what FAS Parts and Service specializes in. Our team of veteran technicians is ready to tackle any obstacles that beset you and keep your establishment ready for a winning game day performance. Since this time last year, our techs have been training hard with the manufacturers that design the equipment you use on a daily basis. We have hired additional men to help us respond faster to your needs. We have increased our inventory of parts to improve our ability to fix your problems in a single trip. And as always, we are committed to being the best at what we do – helping you be the best at what you do.

Here’s the Game Plan:
· Commercial HVAC and refrigeration service and repair
· Service for all brands of commercial food service equipment
· Commercial microwave service
· 24/7 Emergency call center – you always speak to a live person
· Scheduled and preventative maintenance services
· Factory-trained, experienced technicians
· Many other Facilities Services

If you have a specific request, or questions, just contact Chris or Jesse at 850-576-3582

Also over the last year we've hired new technicians and sent all our techs to various training courses around the country. We are constantly improving with one thing in mind - you! So remember, if you can break it, we can fix it!

If you ever have any questions or concerns we are available anytime you need us. Thank you so much for your business!

Let our Factory Trained Authorized Service Agents help you with your Tallahassee Cooking Equipment Repair needs today. We can provide Tallahassee Commercial HVAC, South Georgia Cooking Equipment Repair, and North Florida Commercial HVAC services.