Spring 2012 Update from FAS Parts and Services

The green trend is impacting nearly every industry in the world. From sustainable food sources to energy efficient appliances, the food service industry is no exception. Many restaurants are replacing equipment with high-efficiency units and installing expensive energy management systems, but we often get caught up in new technology and innovation and lose sight of some simple things that can conserve energy and decrease our impact on the environment. It all starts with properly operating, and well-maintained equipment. Commercial foodservice operations are both energy and water intensive and any amount of waste adds up quickly. Steamers or beverage equipment with leaks may still “work”, but as heated water leaks out, the unit will constantly be heating fresh water wasting electricity as well as water. Refrigerated units with dirty condenser coils have to work three and four times as hard to keep products cold. Cooking surfaces with excess carbon build up take longer to cook and transfer heat much less efficiently. Scale build up in units that use water also reduce efficiency and lead to unnecessary wear and tear on equipment.

Regardless of how efficient your equipment is in its peak operating conditions, worn and poorly maintained equipment wastes energy and resources and costs you more money to operate. While there are many things business owners and their employees can do on a daily basis to maintain equipment, there is no substitution for the regular inspection and maintenance by a trained professional. The factory-trained technicians of FAS Parts and Service are experienced and qualified to service and maintain practically any piece of equipment found in today’s commercial kitchens. We welcome the opportunity to discuss service and maintenance options specific to your needs. We can put together a custom maintenance schedule for all of your kitchen equipment, HVAC, and refrigeration needs. Contact us today and take the first step towards conserving resources and saving money.


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