Wakulla County Football

At FAS we love this part of the country and we love football! So, what better way to give back to the community than to combine two of our favorite things. We had a special opportunity in 2010 to support children's athletics in Wakulla county and we wanted to share some of those special moments with you, but first a word from the coach:

Chris Williamson   I was proud to support our local 6-8 year old tackle football team down in Wakulla last year. I also had the privilege of helping coach, which I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn't trade anything in the world for! We coached our boys the same way we do our employees: never give up, always give 110%, stay focused, don't cheat, and have fun! We are so proud of our boys and look forward to supporting the Wakulla County Blaze next season. Go Blaze and Go FAS!
--Chris Williamson

Click on the images below for some top plays from the 2010 season of the Wakulla County Blaze.