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Scheduled Maintenance

Tallahassee Scheduled HVAC
and Refrigeration Maintenance

Air conditioning units are machines, just like your car, and need regular, scheduled maintenance to perform at their optimum level. As warm air passes over the evaporator coils moisture begins to build up. Dust, bacteria, and other particles from the air stick to the moisture and build up over time as well. This begins to form an insulated layer that reduces the ability of the AC unit to cool the air. The answer to this is filters. They trap most of the particles in the air and keep the machine performing well. As the particles build up on the filters, the airflow becomes restricted and the unit must work harder. This consumes more energy and puts more strain on the moving parts. In addition, no filter is perfect and some particles still get through and collect on the evaporator coils.

Our maintenance technicians will change your filters as needed (recommended: once per month) and clean the coils using an industrial strength, non-acidic cleaner specifically designed for use in HVAC applications (recommended: four times per year). Regularly scheduled maintenance will reduce your operating cost and extend the life of your
AC units and their components.

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