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History of FAS Parts & Service

Dale Strickland was born in Bainbridge, Georgia on
July 14, 1956. He grew up on the west side of Tallahassee with his two sisters (Kathy and Shirley) and his parents (Bricey and Jeanette).

In 1977, at the age of 21, Dale enlisted with the US Army where he served some time in Germany. After serving four years in the Army, Dale signed up with the Army Reserves in 1981. During this time Dale began his new job at “TexGas” (a propane service
& supply company) in Tallahassee. At TexGas, Dale became a service
technician where he learned to install & repair gas lines and appliances.

Dale left the Army Reserves in 1983, but continued his job at TexGas. From 1985 to 1986 Dale decided
to work part time in the National Guard of Florida where he helped with hurricane relief. During this time Dale maintained his second job with TexGas where he was quickly mastering his trade as a
pipe-fitter, and received his Master

Gas license.

TexGas soon changed to “Suburban Propane”, and they needed Dale’s license to keep their doors open in the Tallahassee market. Feeling that he was not being compensated enough for his hard work
& the use of his license ($10 per hour), Dale left Suburban Propane and began working at “Hobart”
of Tallahassee in 1991.

At Hobart, Dale received more exposure to commercial food equipment. Dale was a very
quick learner and he was motivated to learn
as much
as he could about the dynamics of restaurant equipment repair.

In 1992 Dale began making preparations for

opening up his own service company. In 1993 all his hard work paid off when he opened up “Natural Gas Specialists Co”.
Dale began with only one employee servicing & installing gas lines, appliances and
HVAC equipment.

Dale’s great reputation spread like wildfire around Tallahassee, and his little company really began to prosper. Dale soon hired more service technicians, and in 1995 he changed the name of his company to “Florida Air Specialists, Inc.”. He changed the company name because he was beginning to
center his business more around heating, air conditioning & refrigeration.

Dale was an avid Christian. He and his family (his wife Carol & his son Chris) attended “Berean Mennonite Christian Fellowship” in Tallahassee. Dale always gave credit for his success to God.

As his company grew Dale began to spend more
time helping his church, helping coach a high school girls volleyball team, and helping others spiritually
& financially. Dale’s philosophy was, “God blessed me so that I can
help others.”

In 1997 Dale was diagnosed with cancer. He soon began radiation treatments, and later had surgery to remove the cancer. Still recovering from his ordeal with cancer, Dale continued to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes… fishing!

On June 13, 1998 Dale took his son Chris
and his nephew Adam (both worked for Dale) deep-sea fishing off the coast of Alligator Point. Later that day his boat capsized due to a quick change in the weather. The three of them were lost at sea without food and water.

After spending three days and two nights in very rough waters, only Dale’s son (Chris) survived. The Coast Guard rescued Dale and Chris on June 15, 1998, but Dale had passed away about 45 minutes before they arrived. Adam was never found.

This entire ordeal became a true test to the survival of Dale’s company. Carol
(Dale’s wife) decided to keep the doors open as she called upon the help & prayers of everyone she knew. After the death of Dale Strickland, Carol managed to keep Florida Air Specialists, Inc. alive with the help of employees, friends & family, and Dale’s faithful clients.

In 2005 Chris (Dale’s son) decided to abbreviate
the company name
Air Specialists to
“FAS” Tallahassee to escape the stigma of an

“air conditioning only” company.

FAS has grown to become one of the best restaurant equipment service companies in the South. To this day Carol & Chris own and operate
FAS Tallahassee under the same principles as the founder, Dale Strickland. Because the spirit of Dale & Adam still live in FAS… the future of “Dale’s company”
looks great!

Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers
Chris Williamson
Chris Williamson and his mom Carol